Organic Teeth Whitening


Teeth Whitening Packages

Quickbrite 15 minute session $99

(3-5 shades whiter)

No sensitivity

Deluxebrite 30 minute session $149

(4-7 shades whiter)

No sensitivity

Superbrite 30 minute session $199

(6-12 shades whiter)

***Includes remineralization treatment ($25 value)

May cause temporary sensitivity

***All packages come with a take home pen that will further whiten your teeth ($25 value)


*Shade change based on yellow teeth as baseline 

*Shades based on R-20 shade guide

britebar Day 2-17.jpg

About our product

Professional grade whitening using 100% organic/ eco friendly proprietary gel coupled with a LED light for activation.  Our products are 100% safe and fully comply with ADA/FDA guidelines.

Walk-ins welcome!!

     West Hollywood              Santa Monica              Calabasas
     Monday - Sunday           Monday - Sunday     Monday - Friday
          10AM - 7PM                  10AM - 7PM                CLOSED

***Results last 3 to 6 months depending on diet/habits

Everyone whitens differently.  Some may need multiple sessions to reach desired results.  

Store Hours


Our Process

  1. We determine your initial shade

  2. Brush your teeth or use our minty wipes to clean up

  3. Sit in our comfy yet private egg chair

  4. We apply a tray with our proprietary gel 

  5. Then we position the LED light for gel activation

  6. Enjoy your new brite smile


Want to have a really white wedding??

Book a private bridal party!

Music, champagne & privacy!!! Regular parties

can also be arranged! Call for details...

Contact Us

West Hollywood   (323) 879-9290

Santa Monica       (424) 280-4032

Calabasas            (818) 963-8200

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