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Organic Teeth Whitening


Teeth Whitening Packages

Quickbrite 15 minute session $99
(3-5 shades whiter)
No sensitivity

Deluxebrite 30 minute session $149
(4-7 shades whiter)
No sensitivity

Superbrite 30 minute session $199
(6-12 shades whiter)
***Includes remineralization treatment ($25 value)
May cause temporary sensitivity

***All packages come with a take home pen that will further whiten your teeth ($25 value)

Remineralization gel helps strengthen enamel and closes the pores. Can be added on to the Quickbrite & Deluxebrite packages for $25 
*Shade change based on yellow teeth as baseline 
*Shades based on R-20 shade guide

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About our product

Professional grade whitening using 100% organic/ eco friendly proprietary gel coupled with a LED light for activation.  Our products are 100% safe and fully comply with ADA/FDA guidelines.

     West Hollywood              Santa Monica               New Location  
      Monday -Sunday          Monday - Saturday         Coming Soon!
          10AM - 7PM                10AM - 7PM                
   *Check YELP for hours


Store Hours

    Walk-ins welcome!
  *Closed 1-2PM for lunch   

***Results last 3 to 6 months depending on diet/habits
Everyone whitens differently.  Some may need multiple sessions to reach desired results.  

**Please make sure to wipe off any vaseline or petroleum products on your lips prior to treatment!!


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Based On Three Different Levels 

Our Process

  1. We determine your initial shade

  2. Brush your teeth with our single use pre-pasted toothbrushes

  3. Sit in our comfy yet private egg chair

  4. We apply a tray (which you take home) with our proprietary gel 

  5. Then we position the LED light for gel activation

  6. Enjoy your new brite smile

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Want to have a really white wedding??

Book a private bridal party!

Music, champagne & privacy!!! Regular parties

can also be arranged! Call for details...

Contact Us

West Hollywood   (323) 879-9290
Santa Monica       (424) 280-4032
New Location        Coming soon!

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